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Kabhi Rooth Kar Kabhi Mana Kar Kabhi Hans Kar Kabhi Rula Kar Humne Tumhari Dosti Se Seekha Hai Har Pal Jeena, Muskura Karon

Suatu renungan penyingkap tabir rahasia

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Aku adalah gadis yang engkau cintai, tidaklah semulia Khadijah
Tidaklah setaqwa Aisyah, pun setabah Fatimah
Aku hanya gadis akhir zaman
yang punya cita - cita menjadi sholehah

Lelaki yang aku cintai tidaklah semulia Nabi Muhammad SAW
Tidak setaqwa Nabi Ibrahim , pun setabah Nabi Ayub 
ataupun segagah Nabi Musa  , apalagi setampan Nabi Yusuf
Justru kekasihku hanyalah lelaki muda keturunan akhir zaman
yang punya cita - cita membangun keturunan yang Sholeh

Kami yakin pernikahan atau perkawinan
mengajarkan kami kewajiban bersama 
pernikahan atau perkawinan menginsyafkan kami perlunya iman dan taqwa
Untuk belajar meniti sabar , dan mearaih ridho ALLAH SWT
Karena memilik kekasih yang tak segagah nabi Musa 
justru kami akan tersentak dari alpha,
Kami bukanlah yang sempurna 
Kami cuma calon suami dan istri akhir zaman,
yang berusaha untuk menjadi sholeh dan sholehah


The mean of marriage I think this is a state
or condition of a community consisting of a master a
mistress and two slaves. But many people have
different point of view. As some people says
marriages is a turning point of someone’s life where
two lovers unite their lives together in to achieve
happiness. Whether they achieve this aim or not
entirely depends on their communications with each
other as well as finding a behave. As the topic is
why marriages fail in my opinion there are some
factor to destroy marriage. And they are commonly
found in natural human relationship.
Many people have lack a vital relationship it could be
that they have never come to a specific point in time
when they are asked in to their lives and therefore
they have no impact on the marriage relationship.
The most solid reason I think many people have
a fantasy view of love. They quickly stuck with
an unloving person and become deceived into
believing that next one will be better. When there is
some problems instead of standing together through
them a couple tend to blame each other or think
something is wrong with the spouse and the way
they handle the pain.
Society has taught us that maintained is basically
good therefore couples fail to anticipate their self
centre natures that demand their own way.
Couples buy into the nation of a fifty fifty relationship
meaning they honesty expect their spouses to meet
them halfway.
If the people have not trust each other .if you
don’t trust on your partner enough to shares yours
thoughts ,feeling,desire.you will see yourselves
growing apart people who does not trust each other
can’t make it because trust is a foundation of a good
marriage Pictures, Images and Photos
we are all busy
nowadays.the demand of our schedules leaves
a huge hole in the time with should be with our
spouse.if this countries it will take a large toll on
Marriage Pictures, Images and Photos
does someone
have an attitude problem that needs to b adjust?do
you always have to be right or always have find
word? are you one of those people who just nitpick
every little thing?are you selfish,greedy,whiny or are
you annoying? Do you taste in a hurtful way can you
never admit when you are wrong?
You have some work to do. A lot of relationship
breakup because of attitude problems like these.
work on correcting them before you lose your
Marriage: Trust, Joy and Love. Pictures, Images and Photos
money issues come
up in every marriage when there is a lack of money
you feels the financial pressure of trying to pay bill
without enough income. If there is abundance of
money the focus may center on how the money is
saved or spent.
There is just a few reason why
marriage fail. Being aware of that these are potential
problems can help you lesson the effect of they
have on your marriage.so if we have a problems like
these we should solves those that our marriage is

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"From My Husband for Me"

As we lie beneath the stars,
We wonder who we really are,
I wonder what you see in me,
We'll fall asleep beneath the trees.

Run your fingers through my hair,
Show me that you truly care,
Day by day, and night by night,
When I'm with you I have no fright.

The day you told you loved me,
That's when I gave you the key,
To my heart, soul and mind,
I'm glad to know that you're all mine.

I want it to last forever,
To know that we'll always be together,
Feel no pain or sadness dear,
I want you to always be near.

In every hug and every kiss,
When I'm with you I feel true love exists.
Hold me close and never let me go,
Don't let me fall amidst the shadow.

For I am yours, forever it may be,
I am yours for all eternity.
I mean it all; all I've said,
Without you, a part of me is dead.

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Love u My China Nonot

kis ko ratoy ko jagao gey merey baad

kahan jaa k jee behlao gey merey baad

ab tu daikh kr mujhe chup jatey ho

phir kis ko ye naaz dikhao gey merey baad

kon lagaey ga apni bahoo ka takiya

khud ko kis tarah sulao gey merey baad

ic tarah pyar se kon bulaey ga tumhain

meri chahat ko kesey bholo gey merey baad

A lonely heart with a little tear !!

Another poem, another line,
another girl pretending she's fine

Another hour, another day,
she wishes she could just get away

Another heartbreak, another tear,
another excuse she doesn't wanna hear

Another paper, another pen,
she writes she wants to be strong again

Another story, another lie,
another night that she will cry

Another band, another song,
another day passed slowly gone

Another scream, another doubt,
'Kill me while i'm down' to him she'd shout

Another forced smile, another broken heart,
just another girl wishing life would restart ..

Never Let You Go

Baby, I just want you to know

That i will never let you go

I'll always be there by your side

From now until the day i die

This is a promise for the heart

I knew i loved you from the start

I stood beside yo everyday

And showed you i cared in everyday

So from now on out my life is you

It's now a lie baby this is true

Forever and always is what we'll be

It now is us not just you and me

Together we will be as one

Until my final day is done

We'll fall asleep together every night

And awake with a kiss in the morning light

I cant wait for the day when we say I Do

Because I will always love you

So baby I just wanted you to know

That I will never let you go

I love how you make me laugh

I love how you make me laugh
I love how you make me cry

Tears of joy just seem to stream from my eyes
As I hear your beautiful voice, Such a beautiful voice.

I love you when you're mad
I love you when you're sad

I love you when you're glad
When you tell me of the day you just had

I love you truly
I love you deeply

Ever since the day
I talked to you.

I missed you, when you were gone
I miss you when your not around.

Making that stupid mistake that I regret so,
Hoping that your are a forgiver

Without you, my life is more of a strife
But now as the days go past
My love seems to be growing quite fast

I love you, i really do :)